Saturday, 5 June 2010

I was Propositioned.

OK, let me tell you what happened to me the other day. I’m such a scatter brain that I haven’t got round to mentioning it to you yet. I’ve been working a lot on my second book over the past week and so haven’t had chance to get my shit together to tell you the gossip...
On Wednesday evening after work I was chatting to a woman from work whom I went for dinner with to discuss her religion. This proved to be a really interesting and enjoyable evening. This woman is incredibly faithful to her God and I am very interested in anyone who has such conviction and passion for something. Whatever that something may be, doesn’t matter to me. It’s the unwavering belief aspect that fascinates me. I like to know what drives people’s obsessions; where their passion began, blah, blah..
Anyway, so the two of us turned a corner heading to a restaurant and I happened to catch the eye of a guy who was sitting outside a cafe with three of his friends having a coffee. I noticed him because he is bloody good-looking. I don’t care if that sounds shallow. If something looks good, it looks good, so what? At that stage I wasn’t planning on marrying him! I was just appreciating his beauty.
He looked at me, I looked some more, he held eye contact for a moment, then he smiled. I smiled back and as I passed he got up and stopped me.

“God, hello, errr, how are ya? Err, I don’t know what to say but I had to say something to you...” He said.
He then gave me a compliment about how I look and he asked me if I’m married. Married?? Am I at that age now when that’s a real possibility!? Arrggh!! More importantly do I look that age!!? fuck!

“ Err, no I’m not. Are you?” I asked, covering my mouth with my hand. I was a bit taken aback.

“ No, gosh I think you’re ...” Again, he said something very complimentary but I won’t say it ‘cos I don't want to sound like a pompous arse.

“ Can I take you for lunch next week?” He smiled. It was all so spontaneous.

“Are you winding me up?” I asked. (Wish I hadn’t said that)

“ No, No, I’d really like to take you out... Gosh, when I just saw you I just felt something...Can I take your number? Actually, let me give you my number...” So he did. Later, I texted him, he texted me, I texted him back, he texted me again numerous times and so it’s gone on.
Ooooo, exciting!
Let’s see what next week brings. That is if I don’t flake on him, freak out and not go. This is very likely. Yes, very likely...I don’t know why I do this, but I do it too often... But maybe I’ll be brave this time.

As a result of my recent friskiness, I've decided that I may drop my self imposed sex veto; just as a one off. I think it'll do me good, maybe...err, maybe not. I'm not sure. I'm going through a weird change at the moment and I don't understand it, and I'm not trying to understand it to be truthful. I just know that something is shifting in me with regards men/sex/relationships etc... I'm loving my new found independence. And maybe I don't actually want sex at all - I just think I should because that's what people do... Oh, whateevvvvvrrr! Zzzzzz.

By the way: I had a lovely evening with you last night Cass. Thank you for joining me.