Saturday, 1 May 2010

The answers to THOSE questions.

The answers to the 10 questions that could have won you un booke..

1. What is the actual publication date of Hooked? If you didn’t know this... tut tut - May 6th.

2. Missy is not my real name – what is my real name? Clurr, in Yorkshire. Clare in every other language.

3. What is the name of my boyfriend before Blue? Dee

4. What were the main drugs that I abused ? Alcohol and ... Cocaine, charlie, sniff, powder, nose bag... can't think of any other terms for it.

5. What do I think about most other than writing? Darning socks... Oh and ‘stuff.’ Sex, friends, my dad, the future.

6. What is the toy that I couldn’t use recently because the batteries had died? My bunny, of course!

7. When did I stop using drugs? 1 year ago or 6 years ago? Definitely the latter.

8. What colour is my hair? Where do I start? It’s dark brown but currently has shades of light brown & golden highlights. I sound like such a dork! ‘golden highlights.’

9. Is Hooked my first or fourth book? First! First! First!

10. How good in bed am I ? Marks out of 10 ... Am I 10 out of 10? or 11 out of 10? That’s for me to know, and you to...