Thursday, 24 December 2009

My Zeitgeist

Yaaay! Wishing you a Happy and Joyous season all about love... It’s always all about love, isn’t it? Feeling it and liking it, feeling it and not wanting to. Not feeling it and wanting to and if you say you’re not feeling it and liking that – then you’re not honest. I hope your hopes are many for the coming year!

I’m thinking BIG. Visualise – get it! I totally believe in that. If you focus and work towards a goal – it will actually happen. But first, obviously – you must have a clear vision. I’m excited about having time off work. I’m gonna get my flat in order – write 10,000 words of UnHooked (she says) and generally lounge around, hang out with friends and hopefully have sex with numerous partners. (heheee... not likely. But never say never. I'm far from closed minded.

Oh, and of course I will sleep a fair amount.
I am part cat.
Part human.
Part woman.
Part child.
And when I’m tired, I get waspish. No matter who you are and what you’re doing – it ain’t right. Arrrgh! Poor me! Poor me! Pour me a drink ! “ Self-pity is one of the biggest causes of relapse in a recovering addict” Bill Wilson.I love sleeping. I sleep a lot and the night before last I didn’t get much. Nope, ‘cos I was getting... well, you know - boned.

This left me feeling like a whingeing cow-bag yesterday. But after some quality snooze last night – I’m back to my fighting weight. Bigger, better, lighter (my period’s stopped. No really, really it has. Montana – if you read this – listen up, Mr! I am officially ready ... honestly. Maybe I was a smidgen too eager to do the do with you, so I thought it had finished when maybe it hadn’t quite.) *coughs*
I’m feeling fantastic today! Totally different from how I was yesterday and I’m ready to take life by the balls...
Sing: 'She’s like the wind' :, my dad did used to call me a butterfly when I was little... changeable little mite that I was. And still am.

So, mon amores, wherever you’re travelling today, whatever you’re doing and with whomever you’re doing it with – be well. Keep safe, enjoy and ROCK IT!

And finally – for you, Senior Montana