Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Riding a Wave.

Well, everything seems to be in order over here. I’ve tidied my flat. Kind of. You know I really dislike housey chores. I’ve got the washing machine on, and I have a steak under the grill... I’d better watch that...

Hooked is with the publishers with very little if anything for me to do on it, right now. So what’s left? That’s it – sex. I want some. And I want some now, and I’m not going to get any tonight,or tomorrow,more than likely, apart from with myself, and definitely not over the weekend – I’m going north. Pah! What a joke.
Once upon a time I had sex practically daily – nah, not when I had a boyfriend – no, when I was a hooker. And now? Nada. You know, I’ve kinda done this to myself. I decided a while back, no more sex buddies for me – and now I want a piece, it ain’t so easy. I’m gonna make it happen tho. I will. I don’t need to go out and get drunk to have some random sex. Nope. Those days are long gone. I love the feeling of ‘choosing’ who I bang, with no regrets. Bygone days ( when I had sex for free) I’d wake up in the morning not knowing where the hell I was, and often, with whom, and I’d be regretting my antics.

So – over the last 2 weeks a number of things have changed in my life. It’s odd. They appear to be small things but they’re quite significant.
First, Blue and I split up. Next, there have been some surprising changes to my book, ( get me – ‘my’ book!) and I’m happy with them. Next came a new book cover. So, now there will be two as far as I understand. The second book jacket is very different to the one that you’ve seen. Variety is good, no!? Then, my Facebook page got deleted by Big Brother, Facebook, so I’ve had to start again, there... Finally something else may be happening with regards the book, which I can’t say yet. ( Listen to me! Classified information alert! It’s funny). No one has verified what I believe to be happening – so I’m keeping zipped.

When a few changes occur at the same time in my life – I see this as a period of development. At a time like this many, many things are possible. I believe life moves in waves; sometimes choppy, sometimes still, sometimes the ocean forms into a beautiful swollen, sumptuous wave. And despite being in awe of its power, it is not frightening. While on top of this fertile wave, I feel my connection to the planet, I feel the richness of life and possibility. It's there. Take it. It’s yours.