Sunday, 4 October 2009

My weekend with Dad.

I had a really lovely weekend with my dad and step-mum.
You know something? I’ve changed. Or should I say that I am in the process of changing, and step-ma and daddy recognised that, but it was my step-mum who articulated it. I am/have grown up apparently – but I, myself haven’t caught up with myself yet!? Make sense?

What she was trying to say is: What my own expectations are for myself are still stuck on a level that they were years ago. I don’t realise (step-ma says) how I’ve developed and how much I have/and am growing.

I need to do and not do certain things that will help me get to where I want to be, said the Oracle. That goes for everyone though, eh! I think it's called living...
I don’t want to be specific about what she said she thinks I need to do and not do - It may come across wrong.
She was great. They both were. I felt part of something. Not so isolated.
It was all pretty relaxed. They really tried to make me feel comfortable, and I did. It’s a world away from how things were between us at one time, and I recognise that today, they try to make up for their past hostilities. We all do.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I want to go up to Yorkshire and stay with them a bit more frequently, in a bid to get to know them better. During my wilderness years I had a warped perception of stuff. You know, little things like life. And now I experience their true personalities, without walls surrounding them or me.
My father is an interesting man. He’s eccentric. His character is a mass of contradictions, like me. I find that a little scary in a way; from meek and very gentle, to spiky and sarcastic. I hate sarcasm. It’s not a major personality trait of mine – but the acuteness of his personality contrasts must be something that I have inherited.

Anyway, they made a ton of food and drank that 30quid wine which I took them. I could see that they felt sexy drinking it, bless them.
We talked about everything. They told me that they are not going away for winter. This is Shocking!! They've been away for 5 months a year since they've been together which is about 14 years.
Their announcement instantly made me worry. Was my dad ill? Was something wrong? Nope, my step-mum has a heart problem earlier this year and they’ve been advised that it wasn’t a good idea for her to go away for such a long time... what?? Hmm.... Anyway, so this means 3 things.
1. I have been invited to a party for my dad’s 80th birthday, next month! Yaaaay!!! Im really HAPPY to be with him on his 80th birthday!
2. I can now send them away for a romantic weekend for his birthday prezzie.
3. They will be in England for Christmas.

We’ll cross the Christmas bridge when we come to it. I already have an idea of what will happen there...

So to finish off a gorgeous weekend – I’ve had my hair done. God, I can’t leave my hair alone at the moment! Something needed to be done to it. I love it right now... it’s edgy and sexy.

Got lots more to tell... Nah, no nookie, sorry. Not yet. Just bits and pieces which I will spill tomorrow. eg. I've been in acute pain today, my dad and step ma's response to the content of my book ... oh, and the silver-haired Sexpert text me. He's back from New York, New York...