Wednesday, 6 May 2009

muff dive or not? that is the question

Hey amigos/as!Holla! Holla!

It’s been a while... well, not really – but for an addictive personality like mine, when I’m so used to spending far too many hours than is good for my - and then suddenly not to be online (hate that expression online) everyday seems an age! (any expressions I don’t hate??)

Anyway, listen to me grumbling when I’m in southern Europe sunning myself with my best friend, L, talking crap and checking out men’s packets while drinking juice, water and fantasizing out being licked out by one of the waitresses. Yep, you read that correctly. Gee the Prude is wondering if I should investigate muff diving?

L. my best friend and I are historically heterosexual, but relatively open minded to trying new things. L and I have been talking the past days or so about how it would be to be with a woman. It’s funny how one person admits something and other follow, right? OK, so I decided to tell L. that after having an email exchange about 2 weeks ago with a girl who managed to stir my loins, I’m wondering if a dabble with a woman may be something I want to investigate. I know a woman can be for life and not just Christmas, but it is a crime to check something out that has always filtered through into my masturbation jaunts, but never in my reality.
I’m not into the idea of using someone or hurting someone’s feelings - none of that, no. At the moment my thoughts are in the embryonic phase. Well, maybe past the first scan stage…

I’ve always (since my teens) been attracted to women; and I’ve actively fancied more than a couple, but I have never done anything about it. This may seem strange considering my past. But I reckon I’ve always been true to myself in my life and have rarely (past the age of 14) done anything just to prove my liberalness or simply because someone expects it of me. One thing about me is I’ve never been afraid to stand alone; be separate from the herd.
And if needs must, go hunting alone, quietly without the approval of others or even their knowledge. I‘m very good at keeping things to myself. Maybe it comes from having no family. I have the ability to be frugal and I have a powerful survival instinct. But today, I don’t need to do anything for any other purpose other than just wanting to…. And I reckon, I might ‘just want’ to get it on with a woman.

What says you?

I must get back to my holiday. L and I are watching a dvd tonight…. We’re just wild like that.
Will write again tomorrow. xx

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