Monday, 27 April 2009

effing facebook

What can I say, except my effing Facebook page has been deactivated. Now, this in itself would not be such a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that from my reckoning – a large proportion of the blogs readership was through Networked Blogs and my Notes on Facebook.
Now, I cannot access Networked Blogs and I’ve obviously lost contact with 1967 Facebook buddies.... altho, now with 60 something people back on my page, I’m clawing back – Jesus! It’s annoying.
I’m far calmer than I would have guessed I’d feel if someone had told me this was going to happen... but you know what’s really bothering me?
I have done nothing different on that Missy Gee Facebook page from the dawn of its existence, yet 4/5 months later the company delete the account. Why? Why? Why? Why not, I guess.
What a farce! Now to prevent that happening to me again common sense tells me that I must do something different, right? The same behaviour repeated and I cannot expect a different result. ..And if I did, I’d be a fool.
So what must I do? Stop writing or talking about sex on Facebook? What? Poo!
I’m going to send my book back to the agent later this evening. I'm just reading some through. I’ll do that. Go to bed, then tomorrow forget that this Facebook bullcrap happened and carry on regardless.
After all – I’m going on holiday at the weekend... I shouldn’t let anything that’s not in my control get me down, really, should I...

PS - I can't believe I've mentioned that fucking book of the face 7 times in such a short post! damn them!

PPS - Check out my NEW Facebook page if you fancy a more personal chat. I'm STILL under the name Missy Gee.

PPPS - No one will get me down - I'm a soldier!