Saturday, 14 March 2009

Irish makes another appearance

I've just got home and I've just eaten most of a tin of HOT CHOC MILK real chocolate droppings which are meant to be added to hot milk to make a gorgeous hot chocolate drink - except I didn't add milk. I've eaten them as they are and they were bloody tasty!
There's no food in the flat - tragic state of affairs, similar to hooker days. Well, actually there is food - but it's either in the freezer or in a tin, and cooking is not what I fancy doing right now.

OK - i just arrived back from the Jazz Club again. He was there... Irish.
Remember him? The guy I have a crush on...
I'm taking a big risk and trusting my boy's word that he is no longer reading this...

I gotta admit, Irish is one hellova handsome chap. For some not particularly obvious reason, I'm drawn to him. I think it may be that he is everything that my lover is not.
He's rugged - my boy is far from that.
His weathered skin looks similar to tanned leather - he's a builder don't you know. Now, the great outdoors is not my boyfriend's terrain and having him out on a building site would be the equivalent of watching Stephen Fray wearing a hard hat while dodging flying concrete. It would just be wrong - cruel even.

Irish has huge hands with dry skin with scuffs and grazes - my fella's got a hefty paw on him let it not be said otherwise but that paw is moisturised daily and the claws manicured to perfection.
And another rather alluring thing about Irish is, he's a bit of a rogue. Now I don't usually do rogues never mind find them attractive, but in this case the more he gives himself away as a tinker and a scoundrel, then smiles at me with his surprisingly perfect teeth (Maybe these aren't real - maybe he had his real ones knocked out while wrestling a bull) I realise I have this crush because I would never take a rogue as my husband, my boyfriend, father to my kids or anything other than a mutual appreciation society with 2 members, me and him.

Is there anything wrong with a spot of flirting, even when I'm in a relationship already..? I'm sure it's harmless - right?

She says.