Friday, 27 February 2009

I was on top form....... apparently

this afternoon i slept for over three hours. I was in pain with my shoulder. During my snooze I dreamed that I had sex with Brad Pitt. Hell, am I turning into a teenager? I mean, Brad Pitt is cute - but dreaming about him? I feel almost embarrassed to admit, but there we go.

My shoulder is still killing me. I'm fed up with it. I'm very rarely physically unwell and when my body breaks down, it's poo.
Anyway, I must thank God I'm not suffering like Jade Goody, the poor mite.

So, today, I've been thinking about last night... dinner with mon amore's mother and step papa. I felt different last night with them. I've met them a few times, but last night I felt less urgently that I must impress them. And as a result of this today I got the feedback that I was 'on top form' last night. Funny that, I felt as though I kept contorting with discomfort with every muscle movement.

So i thought about what was meant by I was 'on top form'. I wondered if his mum actually thought I was a tad cheeky at times, because for the first time, I contradicted a couple of things she said that I disagreed with. She's a very astute and opinionated lady who loves her own way. Well, so do I, but let me tell you - I'd back down to her if ever I thought I could actual offend her with my differences in thoughts.
The last thing I'd ever want is to upset the cart.
I've no need to prove myself as an adult in a bid to have my say. I value peace these days rather than conflict, at least with boyfriend's mama. I spent years mouthing off my opinions, not caring about the consequences and look where that got me - I was miserable.
Anyway, I'm off. I've just painted my nails and tapping away and trying to avoid smudging the nail varnish is proving hard work - and I hate hard work.

Just a final thought that has just come to me ... maybe the lover's ma's comment meant that she actually thought I was more amusing and more entertaining that the previous times she's met me...
that is a possibility, is it not?
But I think I mentioned to you before... paranoia and I are regular bed fellows.